Listas de bloqueo para cliente torrent “Transmission”

A estas alturas del partido, ya debes saber que el mejor cliente de bit torrent para Linux es “Transmission”, lo que quizá no sepas es que puedes bloquear a aquellos usuarios con quienes NO quieres compartir tus colleciones de archivos. Aquí las instrucciones de cómo hacerlo, son para MAC, pero funcionan bastante bien con mi equipo Ubuntu/XCFE.

How to add multiple blocklists?
0. Go to:
1. Copy the URL link you desire from (it's the link on the far right column, not the websites link!!!)
2. Open Transmission -> Preferences -> Peer.
3. Paste the URL into the URL bar and click "Update" (download should be visible).
4. On MAC finder bar (no program selected) click on "GO" -> "Go to Folder".
5. Enter "~/Library/Application Support/Transmission".
6. Select the blocklist folder *(notice that there is only one "blocklist.bin" folder That is the blocklist of the current URL that you pasted into Transmission. Transmission will always make this file the generic URL updated .bin file) You don't want that unless you plan on just having one blocklist.
7. Click and drag the blocklist out of the folder and onto your desktop! Rename it "(any name) blocklist.bin".
8. Rinse and repeat for the other blocklist URLs you wish to use from the site. (i used 6) And also, whenever you finish with however many URLs you use, close Transmission before going to step 9.
*** Side Note: because you are doing this via transmission and not a program (peerguardian, peerblocker, etc.) you do not have to worry about it blocking IPs when you go about your daily computer routine. THIS JUST AFFECTS TRANSMISSION AND WHO YOUR PEERS ARE!!!
**Basically by doing this (took me 10 mins to do 6 blocklists-not bad) you are having transmission do the necessary conversion technique and are not leaving any chance to human error. Let the program do this for you! No errors whatsoever when you do it this way.
9. After you have done this for your desired blocklists (making sure each has a different name before the affix "-blocklist.bin", then go back to the blocklist folder (step 4 & 5).
10. Click and drag each renamed " -blocklist.bin" file (on ur desktop) back into the folder.
11. Open up transmission, select "window" -> "message log" (click on the bottom left of that window and select "info" instead of "error" or "debug" and look at the status of your peer block list. It should say on the right-hand side: peer blacklist "level 1blocklist.bin" has 213046 inquiries (ip addresses) and so on so forth- for the other blocklists you may have added.
If you don't understand the steps, they're pretty straight forward. Just go at each one SLOWLY and you will be taken care of. Trust me.


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